Climate change and biodiversity loss are accelerating and threatening the foundations of our lives. Food and especially meat are major emitters of greenhouse gases. Aren’t we all aware of it? Yet we often give in to our cravings and choose meat instead of sustainable alternatives. And did you know: global meat consumption is growing massively!

We are convinced that irresistible pleasure, not compromise, is key to change this.
The world needs new food, so delicious that billions of people indulge in eating whilst saving the planet as a positive side effect.

Let’s build this positive future together. There is no time to loose. Join us now!

🌐 How we do, what we do 👩‍🚀

We combine pioneering technology and engineering expertise with an immense love for life and food. We create NEW EARTHLY PLEASURES: Food with full taste, zero guilt.

And on our journey, these core values guide us in everything we do:

Preserve and enhance the pleasures of life.

Collaborate to create a positive present and future.

Enable everyone to indulge in life without compromising someone else’s.


👩‍🌾 How you can contribute

Are you a maestro of innovation? Do you have a passion for animal-free foods and deep tech? We are looking for an Innovation Orchestrator to lead our team of talented innovators and bring our products to the next level.

In this role, you will be responsible for identifying and driving new opportunities for innovation within the company. You will become the driving force behind our R&D team with the aim of developing and testing new products, being super close to the user science team to create the next level of foods. You will keep an eye on timelines and help us coordinate the research resources we deeply rely on.

🛠 Your accountabilities

  • Execute and develop the company’s product strategy together with the founders and other executive stakeholders.
  • Manage external relationships with technology partners, startups, accelerators and public authorities.
  • Lead the internal cross-functional teams to develop new products, processes and services in time.


☯ You are a good fit if you …

  • have a passion for science and culinary leadership, digging deep without losing the overview of what’s important for the business.
  • love to make distant goals tangible through detailed planning and give your all to make your plans work out.
  • like to communicate with external partners and you are not afraid to talk to several development partners on management level at the same time.
  • find it particularly exciting to work with a diverse team with a variety of different cultural and technical backgrounds.

⛔️ You don’t fit well if you …

  • like strict hierarchies and rigid administrative processes
  • need to have someone telling you exactly what to do
  • are scared by the idea of growing from handful to 50+ people within 24 months


💌 Why you should apply now

  1. We have just started.
    We can build everything from scratch without any legacy or constraints!
  2. Some of the brightest minds believe in us.
    We are backed by top tier VCs and awesome angels (happy to share details once we talk)
  3. The time is now!
    It’s the beginning of a new era. Food is undergoing a massive transformation. Let’s make sustainable food so irresistible that millions of consumers switch away from meat, fast!

🦄 A word on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We believe in equal opportunities for all. We embrace diversity in every aspect – as long as we share some basic values and can align on Eaden’s purpose. Please apply as we are open to everyone independent of age, color, national origin, race, religion, gender, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status, or any other legally protected characteristics.

🏯 Culture & Office

We are about to build something massive, a gentle giant. Our team will be distributed internationally in two to three years from now. Therefore, everything also needs to work remotely. However, in the beginning we strongly believe that culture and team spirit benefits from working most time together at one place, in our beautiful office and kitchen-laboratory.

Apply here:

Project Eaden GmbH
Zionskirchstr. 73 a
10119 Berlin